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Investing in stone countertops has become one of the best ways to improve eloquence and equity in one pretty-to-look-at home improvement project. If it's feasible, Waterloo homeowners have a lot to gain by looking into granite and marble slabs. However, it's only a worth-while undertaking if it's done the proper way. Nobody wants to pay the required premium for anything less than a brilliantly finished stone that compliments its room. Many things must be taken into consideration when deciding what stone is right for you and your specific project. Here's an opportunity to learn some of the subtleties of choosing the right stone for the right project.

Stone Quality

One of the major drawbacks of opting for a cheaper quality stone is the potential of it chipping or cracking during the installation process. This of course is a long-term concern as well. Particularly for kitchen countertops, household hazards like acidic liquids, sharp objects, or cracks can become major issues. Without proper cleaning, no stone will remain unblemished when faced with acidity, but poor quality, pitted stones may require extra care. Even with frequent seal jobs, lesser quality stones with less density are more prone to scratches or chips. Lower quality stones have more pits. They can be felt by hand, and it's worth selecting a stone with as little pitting as possible. Sometimes cheaper stone comes with hairline fractures disguised in the vein patterns. Unlike granite, marble is a naturally softer stone, so while the quality may be better, it's important to know that it is less dense, and therefore less durable. Be sure the stone passes the hand and eye tests before committing to it.


The size of the room in which you will be installing the stone has weight in the discussion of what colour works best for it. Darker countertop options tend to make the room or surrounding area appear smaller. A small area may be best complemented by a lighter or softer coloured stone. Countertops can sometimes be the centrepiece of a kitchen or room, so it's important to keep in mind that it should gel with what's around it. Other concerns are the floor and wall colours, how well lit the room or area is, and how the colour looks in comparison to the kitchenware, among others. Whether you have the intention of remaining in your Waterloo home for the long haul, it must be remembered that investing in stone countertops is equitable. Does your preferred colour have a particular aspect that only you would enjoy or is it a conservative finish that potential buyers in the future may also like?


Granite's benefit is durability. Although the finish is typically uniform and it doesn't offer the wide variety of patterns like marble does, granite has some selection. However, if the softer, unique rippled or veined patterns are what you prefer, then marble is likely the stone that best suits your project. Marble isn't as reliable, and requires more care than granite, but it may be easier to find a slab that complements your area.
When you're going to make a healthy financial investment into a defining interior piece that will be frequently used, it is important to choose wisely. Find the right granite and marble slabs for your Waterloo home.

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